Today (5/26/2024), we Have a special celebration in our parish. It is Father Tom Ciba’s 50 Priesthood Anniversary. That is a great milestone in the life and ministry of a priest. We congratulate and thank Father Tom for his dedicated service to God and the Church. It is also a reminder to us all of our priestly service to God. Everyone is not ordained a priest. But we all are called to offer service to one another as Jesus reminds at the Last Supper that He has come not to be served but to serve. Not everyone can say Mass, but we can support each as we celebrate Mass together as a parish family. Not all can anoint the sick or dying but we can all pray for those who need prayers and support in difficult times. We all don’t baptize, but we all can live, share, and set the example of faith for our children to follow and learn. So as we congratulate Father Tom this weekend, let us take his example of dedicated service to the Church and go out and do the same. Or to put it in the way that Jesus taught us, go out and love one another as Jesus loves you!