Life is full of storms. At times, they can become so strong and strange that our human strength can no longer help or support us. At such moments fear and complaining take over the central stage of our life. Even in some cases, we might lose our faith in God, thinking that He has abandoned us, or that He does not exist. These storms come in different forms. They could be problems in our marriage, our children who are not responding well, lack of a good job, insufficient finances, inability to procreate, or a prolonged sickness that has defied all treatments. They could also be the inability to find or maintain a stable relationship or arguing with people all the time. They could also be poor results in our academics or business. The list is endless, but these represent the realities we face every day. The truth is that there is no assurance that our lives would be utterly free of storms. However, the good news, as today’s Gospel relates, is that there is an assurance that Christ is with us to help us succeed. He will calm the storm if we just trust Him.