When you listen to the parable of the Final Judgement in today’s Gospel, what stands out for you? Is it what you didn’t do for the least of God’s people, or is it the good things you have done and continue to do for His creation? There are so many opportunities to follow the works of mercy as outlined in the Gospel. Can’t list them all is this short paragraph. But I’m sure you know them just by being a part of society.

Many people are seeking help. Disasters hit in so many parts of our world. People get hurt every day. Children (and adults) get lost so often. All of these situations give us a chance to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked or visit the sick or imprisoned. Don’t always take it literally. Share the food that brings kindness; satisfy someone’s thirst for support or equality; clothe others with complements or a thank you; even visit the neighbor down the street. Doing good deeds and sharing our resources and gifts is our choice. Don’t wait for judgement day and say I wished I had done this or that. Advent begins next week, prepare for Christ’s coming with good deeds and kindness.