What is a leader? Is it someone who takes control of everyone and everything around them? Is it someone who wants and demands the respect and obedience of others? Is it someone who likes a title?

In today’s Gospel, Jesus gives us the example of true leadership: The Good Shepherd. His leadership is rooted in peace, truth, goodness, compassion, righteousness, mercy, reconciliation, sacrifice and a never-ending love. He brings the scattered home. He shows the lost His way of love. He brings the hurting healing. His model of leadership leads, guides and takes care of us. But it is also a model for us to follow.

We may not be called to be the one in charge of a great deal of people or a large organization or even a small committee. But we are in charge of sharing our faith in a way that is welcoming, forgiving, and encouraging. Let us lead by example. And let that example be the sacrificial love of Jesus.

God Bless You!