If you need a little help at home, simple electrical, plumbing or carpentry type of work, or maybe a  ride to a doctor or someone to pay a simple visit, please call (570-623-1221) and leave your  information. Deacon Steve or Laura will contact you.


This was a very worthwhile parish program and very helpful to a number of people, especially elderly, who  needed some little extra things fixed, repaired or done around the house. Laura Durst and Deacon Steve Miller agreed to coordinate the program. If you are willing to share some time and talent, we could use the volunteers. You don’t need  to be professional, just able to do a little carpentry fix, plumbing or electrical repairs, maybe some clean up, inside or outside, some driving to appointments once in a while, and even sitting & visiting those who may be alone. You don’t need to be versed in everything.