Over the last couple of years, we have been hearing so much about racism, prejudice, ethnic supremacy and many forms of envy and jealousy, even including hatred. In today’s Gospel, Jesus challenges us on these feelings when He says “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” That’s what I call a real challenge as you look at what’s happening in our society today. What creates these barriers between people that makes these problems hurt our society? What do we need to do or to be in order to overcome them? Maybe it’s all in the way we look at people and the world. Do we see insurmountable problems or possibilities for solutions? Do we see people by race, color, language, rich/poor, or appearance? Or do we see children of God with various feelings, abilities, and similar everyday struggles? In as much as we disagree with someone – whether that be in politics, manner of life, choice of religion or as inane as favorite sports team, we are called to recognize everyone as a cherished child of God. If we have faith, that is what we will see. If we practice that faith, we will live as one family looking out for the good of all.