We are faced with temptations every day. This week’s Gospel tells us about the temptations Jesus faced in the desert while He was preparing to face crucifixion. Change a rock into bread. Enjoy. Nobody will know. Or maybe change the price tag, don’t worry about the excess change you received, or the item missed in your shopping cart. Enjoy the freebie, nobody will know. Throw yourself off the parapet of the temple. Your heavenly Father will protect and save you. Or maybe we ask ourselves, why are their poor people? Why wars? Why racism? Yes. Not my problem, just let God provide and save. Bow down to Satan Jesus was told and all the kingdoms would be his. Or maybe we are told to bow to the devil: be selfish, don’t take responsibility for your actions or the plight of the world, simply complain about the Church, the political schema, or the neighborhood, and all will be great because it’s not our problem.

In all Jesus’ temptations, He responded in faith. How do we respond to temptation? In faith or what is best or most comfortable for us? Do we do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, no matter how hard or inconvenient? Or do we do what’s easiest, even if it’s wrong? Faith and God are the answers. And when it’s difficult, the Lord will lead, accompany, and help us along the way.