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Parish Picnic – Thank You!

by Fr. Rich

We had or parish picnic last week. For all those who attended, it was a great time. Thank you to the Knights of Columbus who came and helped set up the area. We were entertained by Joe Franzo our DJ and caller for some of the Bingo games. Everyone enjoyed the foods, hot dogs and […]

Do we judge by our own standards or by God’s?

by Fr. Rich

Do we judge by our own standards or by God’s? That is the question to Peter in today’s Gospel and to us. Fear dictates many of our responses in life, like the pandemic, racial issues, and even what we would like to do to help others. Fear is exclusive and causes us to shy away […]

Will you be that rock of faith from which others see and learn?

by Fr. Rich

“Who do you say I am?’ Jesus asked Peter in today’s Gospel. Peter answered with great authority: “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” With that Jesus called Peter the “Rock” and said he would lead the Church. What would be your answer to that same question? Would you call Jesus YOUR […]


by Fr. Rich

Thank you to all who bought the raffle tickets this year. We were unable to run the Bazaar but we did what we could with the raffle tickets and food sales. It was really great that so many people came forward to purchase these tickets and buy some of the homemade foods. We didn’t make […]

When we offer our petition to the Lord. Demand or plea?

by Fr. Rich

When I read today’s Gospel about the Canaanite woman wanting Jesus to cure her daughter who was being tormented by a demon, I think about how I pray to Jesus. Do we pray to Jesus only when we want something? Or does our prayer start with the recognition that Jesus has already provided us with […]


by Fr. Rich

THANK YOU to all the women and men who came out to make the pierogi and halupki for our Bazaar food sale. Despite social distancing and wearing masks, everyone had a good time and a lot of work was acomplished. Thank you for your support!

When we find ourselves on troubled waters

by Fr. Rich

It is I, Jesus says to Peter in the Gospel as he attempts to walk on the water to Jesus. When you focus on the story, the common element is the revelation of who Jesus really is. He is the one whom the wind and the seas must obey, the Master over chaos. When we […]

Be reminded of the needs of people

by Fr. Rich

In today’s Gospel, we hear about the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5000 with five loaves of bread and two fish. Every time I read that Gospel, it gets me to thinking. How many of those people brought food with them but didn’t tell anyone else? How many were just thinking of themselves? But then […]